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A smart way to promote research: Today people do not have keenly enjoyment in reading the plain long articles; people are more interested in social media platforms. Watching the images and videos for having any information is an effortless and exciting way to learn something. Similarly the tutorials and figures for the results is more exciting; fewer people are interested in reading the novel, mostly are interested in watching the novel base stories due to the modern trends and smart technologies. Considering the same for the researcher, this is a bit difficult to engage people in reading the informative papers.

Internet is bombarded with so many information and lots of research paper; there are numerous of the research publication each year in peer-reviewed journals globally, including countless, newsletters, blogs, news articles, multimedia content also overloaded with the information.  As a researcher it could be a difficult challenge for you to get higher visibility on your research publication among your targeted audience. How will your targeted reader read your paper?  If you want to make an impact on your academic career, then their is A smart way to promote research,

Promoting research publication among the right people is very important for the researcher. It makes an influence on the audience and makes your research paper process authentic.

The first thing is to make a profile for A smart way to promote research and maintain it. Profile on ORCID helps others to find you; research identifiers, such as digital object identifier, is also useful. Still, these are the initial steps that can researcher usually takes, now let’s discuss some other tips to promote your research publication.

Here KNP blog tell you some exciting and effective ways to promote the research;

Plan self-promotion strategies

Know your audience first for your published article and then start promoting. Think about what social media platform you want to choose for the promotion. Ask yourself a question, think about your article topic, which type of audience will attract your research? Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and many more, determine how many are suitable for the study and how many are not useful platforms.

How to post on social media

When posting on social media, make sure to include post links, and promote your research in the social media platform in any significant activity or event going on social media like conference and interacting with the people interested in your research paper.

Use hashtags

For A smart way to promote research Use hashtags more on twitter and Facebook because it gets more acknowledgment than the regular post without hashtags. Including hashtags in social media post can help you to direct your post to the relevant people who are looking for your research information. Just include more hashtags to your social media post will take your post to the similar discussions post, and that gives your research visibility for your research subject.

Make a precise document

Write a small and straightforward summary for A smart way to promote research, in simple words, easy and exact, and broadcast your summary of the research for promotion to the maximum audience. Summary will help you to reach the most people, and this trick will develop an interest in people to read the complete article.

Use Figshare

Just writing a research paper is not a very practical approach to engage people, make attractive images related to your research, files, and outputs connected with it through Figshare, a digital repository. Figshare is a useful tool that will give your article a unique identifier, leading your paper to get cited much easier.

Open your research for all readers around the world, and reach a broader audience and get higher citation and visibility, visit the best publishing companies and take A smart way to promote research paper. Put all the strategy together and apply for your research, I could be harder for the start of the promotion, but it will work out quickly for your further research publications.