fast track for publication in UK

New studies are being explored and published rapidly during this COVID-19. There are massive benefits of publishing recent researches quickly because this will help people to give awareness to fight with this pandemic situation by discovering new critical studies so choosing fast track for publication in UK help to avoid the information that has already discovered. 

Many researchers want to publish their research quickly so they need a fast track for publication in UK on this pandemic time so that they have more chances to get swiftly shortlisted because coronavirus is the most highlighted topic nowadays. Hence, researchers want to get a fast publication, also choose the right journal for your research paper.

 A preprint is based on that above idea; mostly, researchers want to publish their manuscript during the peer review process so that colleagues get to know on which research you are working.

The clear disadvantage is that the publication is not peer-reviewed. The articles published through preprint are not peer-reviewed, so there is a considerable possibility of dispersal of “bad science.” There is a important thing that needs to be considered that if preprint is not going to publish in a reputable journal, then the value of the research will lose.

Is a preprint an excellent way to publish research?

You guys might be thinking that, is it an excellent way to publish research quickly? So the thing is sharing information rapidly is an attractive way, but the quality of the work is also an essential factor that will consider.

There are several reasons that quality is matters in both journals and preprints. Proper time should be given to the peer review because that will ensure the research is authentic, and unsure information regarding COVID-19 could harm the human. Ensure that your work is appropriately peer-reviewed by a reputed journal carefully checked with your colleague as well.

Things you should consider for publication


Don’t go too fast for your research

Spend months on your research, and develop ideas, then carry your researcher for the findings, focus on your topic, gather information as much as you can from scientific websites, keep science in your research process.

Be clear within your research

Transparency is the key element of every good research; you need to think about the reader, so make sure they have all the information clearly; in the process of rapid publication, the research adds some irrelevant and inaccurate information and will create detriments.

Helpful information

The articles on the COVID-19 should have a clear purpose, to help people by giving them awareness and beneficial information. A method included in your research should have clear answers.

Proper facts and figure

Many people are interested to know what the disease is, how much it will affect, what is the risk of not having precautions carefully. So the statistic matters include accurate results and all the crucial factors that are important for the people to know.   

A quick and reliable way

A well-reputed journal reduced the time to get the article for publications during the COVID 19. Many articles have been published on COVID 19, that researchers can easily find on different journals.  Preprint servers is not a big issue. Well-known journals can also help in publishing articles quickly by their advanced peer review process for this pandemic time without compromising on quality and by following the global standards. Research Publishing Services in UK are available to assist promptly with the standardized procedure.