how to write an eye catchy titleTips on How to write an eye catchy title:

Learning the tips on How to write an eye catchy title can make a difference in your academic career, so let identify more aspects in writing the tags as a targeted audience.


  • Capture the relevant features of your research
  • Make it captivating and accessible to the readers

Follow some easy steps

Answer the fundamental questions of your research.

Like what is the area of the research?

What techniques I have used in my research paper

What was the object of my research?

What I have achieved from my research (outcomes)

Identify the essential keywords I have used in my

Write down your keywords in a long sentence that have your keywords

Delete extra keywords and Produce an active topic.

Keep relevant information; make it natural.

try to rephrase your words repeatedly

Usually, a title is 16 words long.

Add a caption to delete unnecessary keywords.

Things to keep in mind

Write your research title after you have completed your paper and abstract

Include essential terms

Please keep it to the point

Avoid abbreviations

Add content related keywords

You might have found in many informative articles that when you see the topic for the research paper , it is usually interesting, precise, and descriptive, all at the same time. A research title, which is not summarized and eye-catching, will pass over no matter how much exciting content or useful information is included in that research paper. Hence it seems like it is not fulfilling the requirement of the reader. Think about how the reader will know that your research paper contains all the information which is reader searching for; the reader will see and read your topic first; then, they will go the further description or abstract. Here check the tips to write the abstract

Here comes the importance of a practical and attractive title, now let see some relevant ideas for the research title.

Imagine that, you are searching for the hair growth remedies treatment;  now you need to find out the relevant studies that are showing all the information you are looking for; first, you have started to type the keyword treatment for the hairs now are beginning to check the different links.

You are now looking at the treatment process, hair growth tips, different remedies for the hair growth, and much other information related to your interests that are describing similar the info.

Tactics to create an attractive title 

Making a good topic for your research involves the tactics of accomplishing the four primary objectives, and that is:

Topic expecting the content of the research information

Interesting title within the subject

Reflecting the quality of the content which is included in the paper

Necessary keywords to make the search easier for the users

As a writer, your aim is that your work gets recognition and increase the interested audiences who will also suggest others to read your published articles.

Keep your targeted readers in your mind when creating the title

Optimization concerning the SEO, include the keywords that help your articles to appear on a search engine, and it should be less than 70 characters.

A knowledgeable and informative title would be eye-catchy.

Make it worthwhile that the reader will find useful information in the description of the article.

Specify with the limited perspective, use number 5 tips to reduce hair fall.

Use tools like some keywords researches tools will give you the idea if effective keywords.

The eye-catchy titles speak straight to the brain of the reader. However, the attractive topics are consisting of quality, engaging, and thoughtful words that admire the audience.