knight and noble publishersBest five journals for science researcher:

journal selection for the research is the beginning of research publishing. It has also including the research paper enlisting process. A journal is an academic publication including articles in an ordered manner, monthly or quarterly. It highlights the precise discipline of study that is written by the researchers, professors, and authors. Your article needs to fulfill the requirement of the journal; otherwise, your manuscript will be rejected, so carefully read the authors and journal’s guidelines and instructions. Journals are to not envisioned for the familiar readers, but written for the academic and technical audience by the scholars that have all the updated research.

Journals offer a platform that is entirely authentic for academic research publishing to the students and researchers across the globe that conveys knowledge with quality in different areas.

It has been observed that there are 70,000 research journals, with a rising rate of 3.5% per year. The procedure to choose the suitable science journal selection for the research has become complicated due to the number of journal that has ballooned due to development of different zones of expertise with other topics.

Selection criteria are essential to choose the journal before submitting the article. Many procedures has established for selecting the appropriate journal for science.

Top 5 life science journals:

The top five journals in life science that you should consider for science research.

  • Nature

Nature is the top in the list of five best journals; it covers different disciplines, it is considered as a topmost journal when it comes to life science, impact factor is 42.778, and most cited journal.

  • Science

This journal referred as the best science magazines; science well-reviewed journal of the (AAAS), it is the best academic journal, according to the JCR (journal citation report), the impact factor of this journal is 41.845.

  • Cell

The cell press publishes it, a peer-reviewed scientific journal that published different disciplines of life science in a wide range. The cell has covered cell biology, proteomics, neuroscience, biology, genetics, microbiology, physiology, computational biology, and a few others related to life science. The impact factor is 38.637

  • Nature communication

The nature research publishes this journal; it has multiple disciplines that cover natural science, physics, earth science, biology, chemistry, and impact factor was 12.021 in 2019.

  • The public library of science (PLOS)

This tool has published seven peer-reviewed OS journal; it is a non-profit organization; it has covered medicines, PLOS Genetics, PLOS medicine, biology, has an impact factor of 2.74 in 2019.

However, there are many tools available to find out a suitable journal for science, so it is essential to do the optimization between the different fields before selecting the journal for your research.

Tools for selecting the open access sciences journals:

Life science journals is a global journal publishing articles that focus on the cellular, molecular, and practical theory. All the articles related to life science is peer-reviewed thoroughly. Modern technologies used to describe the molecular, experimental, and cellular approaches. The researches that are based on the observations merely accepted by the journals.

Journal that is open access is the most preferred by the researchers when they want to publish their paper because it allows the researcher to access the articles without the limitations of journal selection for the research.

Scientists found Open access journals much more comfortable to share their research with a wider audience. Mostly funding organizations and Government also supports open access journals.

You can find many tools to find open access to life science journals:

Directory of open access journals: this is one of the tools where you can find the open-access science journal, also called DOAJ. This tool is easily accessible for the content in the journal as well.

Director of open access scholarly resources ( ROAD), another platform where researchers can find the journal, it identifies the open-access resources which have ISSN

The scientific electronic library online (SciElo) is a digital library of SciElo was used for electrical publishing in many countries. There is a 500000 open access article.