knight and noble publishersPublication trends in Acupuncture research:

Acupuncture has grown in many countries around the globe; there are several Medical literatures review published related to acupuncture and broader trends in the occurrence and scope of this research. In the past 20 years, the study examines the trends in acupuncture related Medical Literatures research.

The acupuncture describes the procedure that involves the inspirations of the points of the body using numerous techniques to achieve the therapeutic effects. China is majorly practicing acupuncture as a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years; this practice is widespread, including in hypothetical medical centers. Also, it has been noticeable that beneficial applications for acupuncture are highly argued in the Biomedical research community.

The present Biomedical research on acupuncture plays a vital role in this discussion based on quality and origin. Research improves the functions of the body and increases the self-healing practice by stimulating the acupuncture points by a needle in the skin of the body.

In the latest years, there is a large number of systematic reviews published to condense the evidence and to clarify the mechanism. This evidence is based on the condition of different resulting conditions such as back pain, nausea, osteoarthritis, cramps. There are many publications related to this discipline trend; hence it is necessary to identify the publication trends and characterized them by comparing it with another discipline.

Bibliometric methodology     

Bibliometric is used for quantitative analysis of literature and academic field that focus on the quality of performance and productivity and the trends of the researcher. The bibliometric method is useful to know the history and the future of the research domain; this method is applied to the topic which is related to the medical; it does not include the research protocols which require the approval of the ethics board or institutional appraisal.

Tool for search

PubMed is the most recognized tool for the scholar to search in the field of medicine, like biomedical research. PubMed was established for the biotechnology information field. It is an open source, approximately 24 million medical literatures cite it and it is accessible for millions of readers daily. PubMed receives around 5 million queries every day by multination users to keep updated in the biomedical field and to discover these multiple fields.

PubMed uses standardized subject titles and headings that are highest by the field expert indexers who read the medical-related articles, and that is called “MeSH” medical subject headings, vocabulary that confirms that the bio-related articles are uniformly indexed by the specific topic other than words used by scholars.

Strategy to search in PubMed

Medical subject headings are accompanying a qualitative search, scholar, and journalist keywords in MEDLINE( database)  with the dates of publications of the article. Terms like acupuncture therapy, acupuncture treatment or Moxibustion, etc.; we can also search with title and author name that is being displayed on the PubMed ( a search engine to send the query to the MEDLINE database). There is specific checking like a citation for the relevance of the articles such as clinical, observational, human physiology, case studies with the publication date.


Total of 13,320 acupuncture articles publications were recognized using the PubMed search tool. There is an exponential evolution in the past two years; the growth rate is 10.7%, top ranking in biomedical field trends. The research conducted in sixty countries, articles were published with a high impact factor and the increased proportion of random clinical trials (RCT) in the top Medicinal journal. The findings give a background for investigating the pros and cons in the existing acupuncture research state and how to improve the strategy to enhance the field.