knight and noble publishersHow to do a qualitative research:

A literature search is an essential step to performing an Qualitative research, relies on information that is reliable, authentic, relevant systematic, and scholarly. Notably, you will have asked to do systematic research for your academic paper, so it is necessary to understand the flow of literature review search.

To maximize the scope, accurateness, and the quality of your literature review, you will be revising the key concepts, creating terminologies and encyclopedias.

The literature review formulates research planning and research questions of the study. There are many articles that are published for the literature search; therefore, make sure you choose the appropriate articles that are most relevant to the study of your Qualitative research. Also, there are enormous databases for the execution of the literature searches, but searching in that databases in a mannered way or planning your search will save your extra efforts and time.

An effective Qualitative research is a good step in the process of writing your literature review; it is also recommended that an organized and systematic search will give you an effective and high-quality paper.

The key strategies

The first step is to write down the research questions, for example, what you are going to research.

  • Record the key phrases or questions
  • Identify the keywords and terms
  • Identify the subject heading and titles
  • Think about what material you want to include
  • Define the purpose of your used material
  • Check out the references for your information

Step for the search:

  • First, clarify the research phrase and questions that you will cover in your paper and define the keywords by your research questions, also identify the phrases by the information in your topic and search online for the ideas for your common keywords.
  • After your keywords search, you may now think which database is helpful for the Qualitative research, so if you are not sure, then search many useful resources like on Google Scholar where you can have many resources relevant to your search. Searching on Google Scholar is the best technique to looking for the information on your field.
  • For a literature search gathering the information in a manner the way is a crucial element; it requires keeping the information of many different articles. Searching online is both an art and science because it needs to be creative and based on the logical formulas as well by selecting the right sources.

Some Useful searching bodies for qualitative research

OPAC: known as the online public access catalog this is used for literature search from the organizational library; it has all the information regarding all the references of the specific library. OPAC is a time saver because it automated the bibliographic list.

WebOPAC: it is a web-based online public access catalog that has access to the internet. It allows the user to avail all the services of the library on the internet

UCs: a union catalog, basically a WorldCat catalog of all catalog, the largest one, around seventy-two thousand libraries worldwide. Search the book in WorldCat and know the nearest library for the required book.

SEs: A search engine; it is the online information dictionary that gives the researcher information within the text. Google is the most accessible search engine that is used locally or globally; Google scholar is one the Google product that is used for the literature search more often.

SDS: Subject directories, this is maintained by the specialist of the specific domain, and that is created for the content with the specific subject.

OA: open access journals and books, any source information that is accessible freely and without restrictions means can be shared and copied for any purpose. There are thousands of journals available that are easily accessible.


There are numerous methods of qualitative research that stand-alone; searching in the local or in the global libraries for open access books or journals are usual practices, but physical literature review is also a significant element for the systematic research process.