knight and nobleHow to compose an attractive abstract?

Important tips for writing the attractive abstract: A well-written abstract is vital to get a significant result of your research; this is the most crucial part of your research paper; this is the first section that is read by the journal editors. It is the pitch of your research skills that convince the journal editors to send your manuscript for the review.

The abstract is not just an introduction, but this is the summarized version of your entire research paper that covers all the essential points and the scope of your research in one paragraph, 200 to 250 words.

The Abstract include the purpose of your study, the findings, basic designs, summary of interpretations, and conclusions. The abstract allows you to elaborate on the significant aspect of your paper to the reader by highlighting the essential facts. Here are some Tips for writing the attractive abstract.

Importance of descriptive title

  • The title is essential because the search engine expects that the topic title covers the words that are relevant to the searching article. The title should be descriptive and attractive; you should think like the reader, who are searching for your research article and then construct the title.
  • If you want to create an effective abstract, you should repeat the key phrases in the title within the abstract.

Key points to be considered:

  • construct the Abstract after finishing the complete paper
  • Descriptive, innovative, attractive, and simple title, include all the key issues that are important and related to the topic.
  • Take the significant objective, introduction, and the conclusion
  • Choose the main sentences from the methodology section
  • Pick the significant finding and results from the results
  • Arrange the sequence, introduction, methods, results, and conclusion

Key points should not be considered:

  • The Abstract should not contain that information which is not in your research paper
  • Undefined abbreviation
  • Group names
  • Reference citations and previous literature
  • Unnecessary details of methods

One more thing you can consider is that you check helpful papers that are published related to your field and gather the critical information that you know about your research.

If your Abstract is attractive, there is a good chance that your paper gets the publication. Moreover, if your manuscript is published, your Abstract is the first description that the reader checks and then decide to read further, so your Abstract must be useful.

There are different studies abstract for the fields like bioscience; the Abstract should be descriptive, that defines the research topic, findings, specific information, methods, and results. It should be detailed but within the word count limit, described the journal you have selected to submit.

After completing the abstract, checking all the information is an essential factor; ensure that you have included all information that is included in your paper. Describe the most crucial details, and unique words should be used in the abstract.

Four vital information to be included

  1. Objective and problem investigated during research
  2. Methodology
  3. Argument and result
  4. Conclusion


  • Keep it simple
  • Clear objective
  • Concise and comprehensive
  • Excellent grammar usage

The abstract is the aim and opportunity to evaluate the importance of the work. A good abstract defines the useful information that is related to the reader’s requirement because many readers only read the abstract, and that induce them to read further, so make it easy so that readers to grab the information quickly.

The learning tips for writing the abstract will give you the path to get success in an academic career, so it is the best trick to engage the audience with persuasive information, excellent style of engaging the audience, and a concise perspective.